Industrial Machine Lighting: A Vital Concern

When it comes to glamour, industrial lighting probably doesn’t rank in the top ten. Nevertheless, proper lighting around machinery should be a vital concern in any industry. Those who work with drills, presses, and lathes are well aware of the danger involved, and poor lighting makes the work even more difficult and dangerous. The Industrial Accident Prevention Association notes that proper workplace lighting is essential to your business, both for the safety and comfort of your workers and as a regulatory matter. According to the IAPA, proper lighting at work, including high-quality industrial machine lights, is important for a number of reasons.* Proper lighting permits employees to work more comfortably without straining their eyes or their bodies.
* Good lighting prevents costly – in both monetary and human terms – accidents and mistakes.
* Proper machine lighting increases productivity because workers can work more quickly and accurately when they don’t have to strain to see what they’re doing.
* Good task lighting – and most industrial machine lighting is task lighting – may even help reduce workplace absenteeism by reducing injuries from accidents and strain.In a nutshell, providing adequate lighting for industrial applications isn’t just a matter of meeting regulations. The right industrial machine lighting prevents accidents and injuries, which saves your business money. It reduces eyestrain, which means your workers are less likely to get headaches that slow their work and make them prone to making mistakes.Even so, finding the right mill light, drill light or press light isn’t always easy. Heavy machinery produces strong vibrations, which shorten the life of light bulbs. Industrial machine lights are also at risk of shattering if they’re hit by bits and pieces of milled wood or metal cast off by the drill or lathe. They can also shatter if they’re splashed by chemicals used in the manufacturing process. That’s why it’s important that any lights mounted on industrial machines be made to withstand the most common hazards they’ll encounter.DUR-A-LITE industrial machine lights are specially designed for use on and around heavy-duty machines. How so? Every light is encased in a shockproof, heavy-duty housing that protects the bulb from the shock and vibrations common to heavy industrial applications like forging, stamping and drilling. They’re available in a wide range of sizes to fit most standard machines and can be ordered with a machine bracket mount, magnet mount or direct mount.In short, machine lights like DUR-A-LITE are the ideal illumination solution for factory and industrial applications where standard ambient and task lighting is not sufficient. But the right positioning is paramount. These tips can help ensure that your workers can easily see the materials and machinery with which they are working,* Position lighting units so that 90 to 100 percent of the light is directed to the work area.
* For industrial uses around heavy machinery, lights should provide 3,000 to 10,000 lumens for safety.
* Be aware that glare can cause visual fatigue. Environmental changes, such as lighter colored matte walls, can reduce glare.
* Train workers how to adjust for proper lighting in their jobs. Make checking and adjusting the machine lights part of the tool setup process for each shift and new worker.Proper industrial machine lighting reduces accidents, makes work easier and increases productivity. Choose machine lights carefully to ensure that your workers always have the light they need to do the job safely.

Ten Tips For The Weary Business Traveler

Whether one is traveling for work or leisure, it can be an painful ordeal trying to get from point A to point B. Airports, planes and security check in lines are more crowded than ever and everyone needs to consider any way to lessen the stress and burdens associated with traveling.Following is a quick list of travel tips for the weary business traveler to consider. Some tips are obvious, but still worth repeating.Travel Light: The days of check-in are over. Pack light and limit your luggage to a couple of soft leather carry on bags rather than a roller piece of carry on luggage. One for the overhead and one for under the seat. The roller type carry-on luggage is more likely to be a required check-in item.Travel Wrinkle Free: Try to pack clothes that are less likely to wrinkle. Pack a few Snuggle softener sheets that you use in your home dryer. Take any wrinkled items and toss them in the hotel dryer for ten minutes with a moisten Snuggles sheet and see the wrinkles fade away.Airport Parking: To remember your parking spot just use your cell phone and photo the location of where your car will be when you return a week later.Check In Online: If you are not checking in luggage, save time and check-in headaches by checking in online, now offered by all the airlines.Security Checks: Avoid lines with the obvious tourist travelers. Lines with obvious male business travelers will move much quicker.VIP Clubs: For the travel warrior, or those vacationing with kids, the VIP clubs like American Airline’s Admirals Club are a must. They now offer day and monthly passes to non-members. A most relaxing place to wait for delayed flights and rescheduling canceled flights.Eat With The Pros: The airport regulars, pilots and the flight attendants, will direct you to the best eating spots in the airport terminal.Boingo: For $7.00 a month you have wifi internet access for your in-flight and airport internet use on your ipad with a Boingo subscription.Portable Power Plug: Plug in receptacles are often hard to find at airports. A small power cord with multiple sockets will allow you to share a plug-in with a new friend.Upgrades: Don’t be shy and not ask for an upgrade, or purchase one at a nominal price. Always ask for a flight upgrade to business or first class (or the executive floor at the hotel), especially if you’re a frequent flyer member.

Travel Agents Can Help With Your Business Travel

Business travelers are constantly on the move. They always have to be in front of time in order to built contracts with other businesses and other colleagues or executives. Still, if an individual is a business person and requires an alteration in his plans, why not attempt to merge business with relaxation? To make this possible, you will need to get in touch with a travel agent.You should contact a travel agent for planning a business trip that is void of any hassles. Make sure that business travelers will get all important information from the travel agency. They should also give them detailed information regarding business travel so that your requirements will be satisfied while traveling.Making contact with a travel agent will ensure that you have an enjoyable business trip since you can work on your own agenda so that you can have a great time while traveling on business. Gone are the days when a person has no time for enjoyment while on a business trip. People used to be more engaged in conferences and meetings which would keep him from going on any outings. Working with a travel agent can help you put breaks in between your hectic business schedule. For example, if a person has a free afternoon, their agent can suggest an area that they must see in the city which you would take pleasure in.Working with a travel agent also saves time as they can arrange for special car service. Having a car is a big benefit for business travelers who have to go from one place to another, as well as for those who do not want to go through the disturbance of using public transportation or taxi cabs. If an individual has his own car and driver, then it is easy for them to manage business more capably. However, for those who wish to rent a vehicle, they can ask their travel agent to organize this for them. Businessmen can also ask for vehicles with GPS systems so that they will not get lost. These can all be prearranged by travel agents for their ease and satisfaction.Also, if people are bored with the common room service or hotel restaurant food, they can ask their agent for ideas regarding the best place to have dinner and a few drinks in the city where they plan to visit. If you are unhappy with the customary business hotels where you would generally stay, travel agents can find other lodgings that are as classy but would have a different atmosphere.Receiving help from a travel agent is a wise choice that every businessman should look into, mostly if they would like to inject some enthusiasm into their customary business tours. And it’s rightly said that, all work and no play makes you a dull person!