Jobs in the Gaming Industry

The booming multi-million dollar gaming industry has become very popular among children and adults irrespective of age and sex. Due to the influence it has created among the public, many are now looking forward to choosing a career in the field of video games. Though it is not a wide area for job seekers, this growing industry has paved way for game lovers to work with their favorite games in the gaming industry itself. Those intending to shift their career can now choose to live and work in this interactive entertainment industry. The industry has now opened their gateway to a wide range of opportunities particularly aiming at the IT professionals. Here are a few options of for those who are interested to begin their technical careers in this highly growing entertainment industry.Video Game Designer: The role of a video game designer is to design new games according to the challenging demands in the market. Modifying the existing games into interesting and interacting ones is the further opportunity a video designer can get in this industry. It is important to have a thorough knowledge of the various professional software tools used in the video game industry. One of such tools is the mode builder software that helps to build levels or words that can be added into the game.Animator: The animator is the key person of the industry who can be called as the creator. He creates multiple images that give movement to the characters in the games, films or cartoons. Those looking out for animator role can also specialize in other categories of animators such as character animators and special effects animators.Programmer: The game programmer or software engineer’s role is to develop codebase for video games. Even a software engineer or a programmer who does not have much experience with game industry can also choose this profession. Engine programmer who looks into the performance of the video games that runs on an engine also falls into this category.Script and Story Writer: Are you the one who is into writing story and scripts? If so, this is one of the best career options you can get into. You ability of story telling and writing can be utilized in the current video games that tells a very complex story. This can be an interesting and enjoyable career of depicting stories, plots and back stories.Concept Artist: If you are a person who is blessed with the skills of drawing or painting, this can be the best profession you can opt for. By working on traditional art tools such as paint, acrylics, pencils and pastels, those choosing the path of a Concept Artist can understand that the game industry involves much of an artistic work.These are some of the gaming industry jobs. There are many others like marketing, sales, customer service etc. Hence, those willing to tune their career into a video game industry do not hesitate to go forward. A vast range of opportunity lies open in front of you. Just go ahead and hit the best of your choice after a thorough research.